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Fort Smallwood Post

Volunteer Projects and Tasks we need completed or help with:

- Vital - Post members to help supervise the post during Senior citizen events, Contact the Post Commander.

- Post members, including Auxiliary, to help manage the Post "Buddy Poppy" Program.

- Post members, including Auxiliary to manage the VFW youth programs such as the Voice of Democracy program.  Contact the Post Commander.

- Post members to become trained and serve as a Service Officer to assist veterans with their disability packages and access to VA and other veterans services.

- Post members, including Auxiliary and family members, to help out with the Post Facebook page. This would include posting content about Post events, veteran related holidays and historical events. Contact Greg K.

- anyone to help in the spring to clean up the property.

- anyone with experience to help paint the 3" 50 cal naval gun mount in front of the post. This will include removing old paint, priming and painting with new long-term epoxy paint of a true "naval" color. Also cleaning of the optical sights and installation of a proper gun barrel tampion, once obtained. Plan is to work on weekends. Contact Greg K.

To Contact the Post commander, call the main post at 410-437-5629 and leave a message for the Commander.

To contact Greg send an email to:

updated 14 November 2022

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